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Transition to Zoom Phone

Unifying telephone service

The university’s telephone service is being upgraded and transitioned to Zoom Phone, a cloud-based voice platform that combines traditional telephone service with the Zoom platform used for meetings. This change does not impact the phone service currently provided in UIHealth.

Zoom Phone enables individuals to make and receive calls to their UIC number without needing to access their physical phone and creates a more efficient, flexible, and integrated communications infrastructure on campus.

Project Goal Heading link

Unify telephone service to Zoom Phone with as little disruption to business operations as possible.


  • Unifies Communications
    Consolidates the university’s telephone infrastructure and simplifies the telephone experience for students, instructors, and staff.
  • Mobility & Flexibility
    Individuals can make and receive calls from anywhere using a mobile device or a computer
  • Scalability
    Zoom Phone is highly scalable, enabling UIC to add or remove phone lines easily as needs evolve
  • Cost Savings
    Centralizes support and administration
  • Sustainable & Eco-friendly
    Supports university sustainability and conservation goals


  • Inefficient use of resources
    Maintaining and integrating multiple telephone services is an inefficient use of staff and financial resources.
  • Poor user experience
    Offering multiple phone services can lead to fragmented or disruptive user experience

Timeline Heading link

Technology Solutions began work in summer 2023 and the transition is expected to take place in phases over a 1 to 2-year period.

Cloud Voice Timeline:

  • Kickoff project                                                    March 2023 – Finished
  • Develop Plan, building out service                 Summer 2023 -Ongoing
  • Build infrastructure                                           Summer 2023 – Ongoing
  • Transition pilot groups                                     Fall 2023 – Ongoing
  • Transition the remaining campus                  Spring 2024 (Estimated Start)
  • Completion of Project                                       April 2025 (Estimated End)

This timeline will reflect dates and status as new details emerge.

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Zoom Phone Overview Video Heading link

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