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University of Illinois at Chicago IT Security Program

The goal of the UIC IT Security Program is to create a culture that respects and is respectful of the obligations we all have towards protecting University informational assets. This Program directs our efforts at protecting the digital assets of the campus and all of its respective stakeholders. As an academic institution with a healthcare enterprise, in addition to academic, research, and financial data, we also have protected health information to secure.

The purpose of this Program is to inform all campus members of their responsibilities for securing University informational assets and maintaining safe access to them. One could consider this Program as being similar to the “Rules of the Road” for all drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Just as we all have responsibilities when we use the roads, we also have responsibilities when we are accessing, storing, and transmitting data in the course of our jobs.

The fundamental reasons we need to have this IT Security Program are to:

  • Protect student and academic data
  • Protect research data
  • Protect health information
  • Protect administrative data
  • Protect financial data, including credit card information
  • Protect the University from liability, reputational damage, or potential loss of grant funding in the case of a breach

The involvement and cooperation of all campus members will be required to achieve these goals. Everyone will need to understand the classifications of data they work with and how to properly protect that data.

The IT Security Program will take time to implement and will be an ongoing and evolving obligation to protect the information that supports the mission of the University.

Program v2.01

Policy v2.01

Procedures Standards v2.01

Data Classification v2.01