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UIC Cyber Guard

Sharing online and email scams encountered by UIC Community

Welcome to UIC Cyber Guard, your go-to source for staying updated on cyber scams targeting UIC! The UIC Information Security and Privacy Office is committed to cybersecurity and encourages the community to be aware of the common scams targeting UIC students.

UIC Cyber Guard is a great resource to see common online and email scams reported or encountered by the UIC Community.

Fraudulent Vacation & Salary Notifications Heading link

This is a common phishing scam where the scammer wants the recipient to click the link. Clicking on this link will redirect to a fake webpage where you can enter log-in credentials, or you will be prompted to complete a download of malicious software or files. Below are a few signs this is a scam:

Email address is not a email.

The link redirects to a fake site.

Provide fast deadlines or express a sense of urgency.

The email and website listed in the signature are not valid.


Screen shot of email with fake link

Screenshot of email.

Fake Job Offers From "Professor" Heading link

Criminals posing as a professors or spoofing official-looking UIC emails attempt to trick you into thinking they are legitimate UIC employees. This email was circulating on campus and shows the telltale signs of a scam. Below are a few signs this is a scam:

Offers large payment for little work


Asks you to contact them and provide an alternate email (non-UIC email)

Screen shot of Fake job offer email from Professor

Screen shot of fraudulent email from cybercriminal posing as professor.

Free Items & Giveaways Scams Heading link

Criminals will pose as faculty or students claiming to be moving or downsizing and offer furniture, equipment, or other valuable items for free. Although the item is “free”, the individual will require and request a delivery or transportation fee for you to receive the item.

This email is an example of an individual claiming they are “giving away” a 2014 Steinway grand piano. However, to receive the “free piano”, you will be asked to send money for “delivery fees”. You will never receive the item and you may lose the money you send as well!

Screen shot of Fake Microsoft Deactivation email with CLICK HERE link

Screenshot of email with fraudulent offer.

Fake Microsoft Deactivation Heading link

If you receive an email to your inbox claiming your Microsoft account is being deleted, do not be alarmed! This is a common scam. Criminals want you to click on the link in the email, which will take you to a fake website. They want you to enter your login credentials to steal them!

Screen shot of Fake Microsoft Deactivation email with CLICK HERE link

Screen shot of image with fraudulent password resent link.