The UIC IT Community

The UIC IT Community consists of IT professionals at all levels at the university, from all units and colleges.


The mission of the UIC IT Community is to advance the priorities of the institution through strategic IT decision-making and shared responsibility.


We will set the standard of excellence in service delivery as a distributed higher education IT community, collectively demonstrating the value of strategic IT.

Strategic IT Priorities

  • Exceptional Service Delivery
  • Collaboration & Knowledge Center
  • Student Focused Services
  • Advanced Research Infrastructure
  • Innovative Teaching & Learning Services

Guiding Principles

Each of these strategic IT principles aligns with the four UIC Strategic Priorities: Student Experience & Success, National & International Impact & Visibility, Chicago & Community Engagement, and Entrepreneurial University.

Exceptional Service Delivery 

Deliver innovative IT services that serve the needs of faculty, students, and staff. Support teaching, learning, and research by designing services based on specific business needs. Create sustainable processes to maintain infrastructure while striving for state-of-the-art technology.

Collaboration & Knowledge Center 

Serve as a collaboration and knowledge center in support of advancing the use of technology on campus. Promote transparent communication and joint processes to reduce inefficient and duplicative services and infrastructure. Engage the university community, strategic partners, and peer institutions in decision-making based on best practices and benefit from learning opportunities.

Student-focused Systems 

Implement new systems with a comprehensive understanding of the impact on student learning inside and outside the classroom. Create systems that promote accessibility to all students and expand interaction globally. Increase awareness of online student-focused services and enable future student success through systems with real-world application.

Critical Research Infrastructure  

Provide access to critical technology systems that advance UIC’s strategic research, training, and innovation priorities. Facilitate discovery and collaboration between researchers using research computing infrastructure and providers of that infrastructure on grant proposals and academic publications. Deliver research cyberinfrastructure to support the necessary computation, simulation, storage, preservation, analysis, and visualization of scientific data.

Teaching & Learning 

Increase understanding and use of technology for teaching and learning through ongoing outreach to learners and educators. Seek innovative approaches to improving the teaching and learning experience in both formal and informal learning environments, whether they be in-person, online, or somewhere in between. Promote student success by incorporating best practices in the design and delivery of technology-enhanced courses.