Centralizing Support, Service Management & Project Management

Beginning in Fall 2020, the University of Illinois System (Illinois, UIC, UIS, and System Offices) implemented a new IT Service Management and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, TeamDynamix.

IT Service Management takes a holistic approach towards managing the delivery and function of IT services - learn more at What is ITSM?

TeamDynamix is an award-winning Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud solution that brings IT Service Management, Enterprise Service Management & Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

TeamDynamix at UIC

At UIC, TeamDynamix (TDX) powers the UIC Help Center, a modern, mobile-friendly IT service management (ITSM) tool that provides the community with a one-stop-shop to get support, request services, find answers and so much more!

Launched in February 2021, Technology Solutions has successfully transitioned the service catalog, service request and problem reporting forms, and all of our self-help documentation (knowledge base) to the TeamDynamix platform.

As part of the UIC efforts to modernize and upgrade technology, outdated and legacy ticketing systems, such as RequestTracker (RT), will be retired and units and colleges will be migrated to TeamDynamix.

TDX Advisory Group

A TeamDynamix Advisory Group (TDAG) has been formed, which works with that university’s central IT department, Technology Solutions, to address matters pertaining to the use and expansion of TeamDynamix. The chair of each university’s TDAG is also a member of the Collaborative Board. For questions regarding TDX, contact:

The TeamDynamix Advisory Group (TDAG) is currently working to identify and prioritize units to join the university’s TDX community. To help prepare your unit to implement, you should review the question, What must I do to prepare for the transition to TeamDynamix? in the FAQ