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Zoom AI Companion Available April 15

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Technology Solutions is enabling Zoom AI Companion on April 15 th, which empowers users to increase productivity, improve team effectiveness and enhance skills. Using Zoom AI Companion can help create high-quality results when drafting emails and chat messages, summarizing meetings and chat threads, brainstorming creatively and much more.

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Intelligently process recordings
Consume recordings faster through highlights, smart chapters, summaries and next steps; enhanced with conversation analytics, topic tracking indicators, playlists.

Get meetings summarized
Generate a summary and next steps of what was discussed in your meetings and share via email and Team Chat. Now includes a brief overview at the top of the summary.

Make queries in a meeting
Quickly catch up and get clarity on what you missed during a meeting without interrupting it.

Get feedback on your presentation skills
Receive valuable insights and feedback on how you engage with meeting participants.

Ask questions in multiple languages
In-meeting questions now supporting 32 new languages.

Get summaries in multiple languages
Meeting summaries now supporting 32 new languages.

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Draft a chat response
Draft chat messages based on conversational context and what you want to say, as well as customize its tone.

Get chat threads summarized
Generate a brief summary of what was discussed in a long chat thread.

Whiteboard content generation
Generate ideas for your whiteboard as stickies, tables or mind maps. Refine and categorize existing content on whiteboards.

Compose event content
Get help writing event details, session descriptions and speaker bios.

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As always, be sure your Zoom is updated to the latest version. To update Zoom, visit updating Zoom to the latest version.