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Event Coordinator

Resources to create and provide accessible meetings

Accessible Meetings Resources Heading link

Checklist: Finalize Planning Accessible Meeting Heading link

Checklist: Finalize Planning Accessible Meeting


  1. Select the optimal venue and communications platform to meet your guests needs, of those available to me (Example: Registration, building entrance and rooms, telephone, virtual meeting software)
  2. Secure support staff, technology and services necessary to accommodate your guests’ needs (Example: Captioning, ASL interpreting, Braille, large print, assisted listening devices, ushers/guides, seating)
  3. Update the meeting’s promotional material, registration and agenda with any updates and additions to venue and communications platform accommodations (Example: Meeting links, captioning links, platform help files such as test meetings, keyboard controls documentation)
  4. Verify that all electronic presentation materials conform with their applicable accessibility standards, and have been distributed to attendees (Example: Documents, audio/visual media, no flashing or blinking)
  5. Conduct a dry-run or practice meeting and affirmed hosts, moderators and presenters understand how to:
    • Access and operate the controls and interactive features of the communications platform selected for use in the meetings
    • Control and manage accommodations such as captioning, ASL interpreting, audio descriptions
    • Support for on-site activities and amenities


    • Login, audio and video, screen sharing, chat, polls/surveys, whiteboards, etc.
    • Enabling or turning on captions, pinning the ASL interpreters camera, describing visual information
    • Building access, seating, lighting, noise mitigation, assisted listening devices