Oct 21 2021

Hands-on Supercomputing

October 21, 2021

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Chicago, IL 60612


This course will cover the basics of using UIC’s supercomputing systems, from logging in to job creation and submission. Both those interested in learning about our services and those who want to use our resources more efficiently are encouraged to attend.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding supercomputing concepts in plain English
  • Know the hardware and software resources available at UIC’s ACER facility
  • How to request resources
  • Become familiar with our various storage systems and offerings
  • Learn the basics of linux and batch processing
  • Discover the OnDemand web portal and its capabilities for your research


Click here to register. Registration for this webinar is capped at 40 participants and will close on October 7.


Len Apanasevich

Date posted

Sep 20, 2021

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Sep 20, 2021