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Week 4: Multi-factor Authentication

2FA Image

The mythological Cerberus was the three-headed watchdog of Hades. Just as Cerberus has multiple heads to guard the underworld, information security can use multiple factors of authentication to protect the devices and services that you use.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an authentication method that requires two methods of authentication to verify a user’s identity. Authentication to a system using 2FA at UIC relies on “something that you know” – your NetID password – and “something that you have” – your mobile device or token to receive the verification code. Verification codes are time-based codes that you can receive through SMS, a phone call, a push through the DUO app that you can install on your smartphone, or with a hardware token that you can purchase from the Webstore.

Visit and click the “Manage my 2FA” button to start using DUO 2FA now.

2FA is growing popularity, and many service providers including banks and social media platforms, offer 2FA options. Visit to check which services you use that can be protected with the additional layer of security that 2FA offers.

Three heads are better than one! Use 2-Factor Authentication wherever you can!