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UIC hosts the 2024 Computational Research Symposium

ACER team posing in front of UIC sign

Exploring AI's Transformative Role in Diverse Disciplines

The 2024 Computational Research Symposium at UIC Student Center East, sponsored by the UIC Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for Education and Research (ACER), the Office of Vice Chancellor of Research (OVCR), and the UIC Library, showcased intellectual rigor, innovative thinking, and scholarly inspiration. The symposium featured talks and poster presentations emphasizing the transformative impact of high-performance computing, AI, and data analytics across various disciplines from business to dentistry to sociology and physics.

The event commenced with an opening address by ACER's director, Himanshu Sharma, providing insightful reflections on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications.

Central to the symposium was the keynote presentation by Dr. Yuan Luo, renowned for his leadership in the biomedical AI field. Dr. Luo's address explored the intersection of AI and medicine, emphasizing its transformative potential. His dedication to enhancing AI literacy and shaping the future of healthcare resonated deeply with the audience.

Symposium Poster Sessions Heading link

Student presenting poster at poster session

The poster session featured outstanding research presentations by UIC students, highlighting the depth of talent and innovation within our university community.

Congratulations are extended to all presenters for their exceptional work, with special recognition given to Fidha Nazreen Kunnath Muhammedkutty (1st prize), Mithilesh Bhutada, Vaibhav Khurana, Guido Prado, Anjali Jayakumar (2nd prize), and Amirali Monshizadeh (3rd prize). All presented posters can be accessed here.

The event provided ample opportunities for networking and the convergence of diverse perspectives and ideas from attendees representing over 17 UIC colleges.

The 2024 Computational Research Symposium was a resounding success due to the organizers’ dedication, the speakers’ expertise, and the attendees’ active participation.