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Explore UIC’s Top 10 IT Strategic Efforts Propelling Us Forward

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In the ever-evolving landscape of academia, UIC strives leverage the benefits of technological advances as a catalyst for progress. Behind the scenes, we are propelling our institution into the future with transformation and innovation. Among several projects undertaken to improve the IT experience for the UIC community, we are excited to share our Top 10 IT Strategic Efforts.


The Top 10 Project List is part of an ongoing effort to transparently share progress toward UIC’s technology goals and how our UIC investments in technology are being managed. In the months and years to come, we expect to update and share this list on a quarterly basis which will help demonstrate IT’s priorities and progress with the initiatives therein.

Matt Riley  |  Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Chief Information Officer

Moving UIC Forward and Beyond Heading link

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Within our diverse portfolio of IT projects, the Top 10 Strategic Efforts listed below stand out as beacons of progress; will transform our technology to enhance experiences; and enforce our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in education and research.

For detailed project information, including description, project owner, and status, visit the Top 10 Strategic Efforts page. This page will be updated and maintained quarterly with project information.

View Top 10 Strategic IT Efforts

From enhancing the learning experience for our students, to streamlining the workflows for our dedicated faculty, researchers, and staff, each of the Top 10 IT Strategic Efforts – specific initiatives and projects – are helping shape a brighter, more innovative future at UIC.