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New Analytics Tool Helps Identify and Resolve Wireless Issues Faster

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Network Edge Intelligence is a new analytics tool that enables staff to identify and resolve wireless issues Heading link

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Fall semester historically brings the Network Infrastructure team new and interesting wireless challenges. With the influx of students, faculty, and staff returning to campus, wireless traffic and network activity significantly increase, leading to an increase in connectivity or user experience issues. Identifying and resolving wireless issues is not only essential for healthy system performance but also imperative to client satisfaction and our community’s success.

This summer, Technology Solutions deployed Edge Network Intelligence, a new wireless analytics appliance that enables support staff to identify and resolve wireless issues efficiently and effectively. Previously, the troubleshooting tools Technology Solutions leveraged did not provide the full visibility necessary to quickly identify and assess a wireless issue. With Edge Network Intelligence, the support team can see exactly what a client is experiencing while on a UIC wireless network, as well as obtain analytics and data on network usage. So far, Edge Network Intelligence has proven to be beneficial this fall semester.

Edge Network Intelligence Improves Wireless Service Heading link

Most recently, on the first day of the fall semester (August 23), systems showed 30% of wireless devices were failing authentication when a normal day on campus averages 6%. With Edge Network Intelligence, the support team was able to quickly identify that the high rate was not a wireless or infrastructure issue, but that clients needed to update their devices with their new NetID password established or changed while working remotely.

With the analytics and data obtained from Edge Network Intelligence, the support team was also able to determine a need for additional wireless coverage at a new health check area at the Richard Daley Library. The team was able to immediately install a temporary wireless unit in the space to enable the library to continue operations and later transitioned that temporary unit into a permanent installation.

Edge Network Intelligence has proven to be exceptionally successful so far this fall semester. It has not only helped our support staff identify and resolve client issues quickly, but it also helps us analyze and evaluate wireless network activity to adjust or reallocate wireless services on campus as needed.

Jelene Crehan  |  Director of Network Engineering and Infrastructure

Forward Initiative Heading link

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As part of the Forward Initiative, the implementation of Edge Network Intelligence aligns with the university’s mission to upgrade, expand, and modernize our technology and infrastructure that supports the needs of our research, clinical, and teaching and learning communities.

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