New IT Website and the UIC Help Center – Now Live!

Technology Solutions is proud to announce the successful launch of the New IT Website ( and the UIC Help Center (!


As a reminder, this implementation comes with significant changes in service operations and processes. Beginning Monday, February 22:

  • The current ticketing system, known as Request Tracker (RT) - - has been retired and will no longer be accepting new requests. Outstanding RT tickets will still be worked on and resolved in RT, but new tickets can no longer be created in that platform; new service and support requests will need to be submitted through the UIC Help Center at
  • Many support email addresses have been decommissioned and automated replies have been configured to notify senders of the changes and instructions to visit to submit requests.
  • The Technology Solutions website ( and UIC Answers ( have been retired and redirects have been established to send visitors to new pages.

For more information, visit:

Visit (select either UIC Help Center, or IT @ UIC Website for the Service Type) to submit a ticket and experience the new platform for yourself!