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Check out webinars hosted by the LTS, Extended Campus, and University partners in an effort to help faculty prepare for teaching online. In case you missed them, or were unable to attend, recorded sessions are made available in the LTS Webinar Calendar (in the event description) within 24-48 hours after the webinar ends. In an effort to centralize popular webinar recordings, we are listing them in this article.Crystal Ortega

Adopting Digital Textbooks to Blackboard Courses (30 min)

This webinar was hosted by Sara Didio of the UIC Bookstore and reviewed how to adopt digital textbooks to your online courses. This webinar covered how to search and locate digital textbooks, contacting the UIC Bookstore and how instructors make books available to students in Blackboard.

Asynchronous Teaching for Large Lectures (57 min)

Academic Partnerships discussion on Asynchronous Teaching for Large Lecture Courses.

Blackboard Course Demo: Showcasing 3 Well-designed Blackboard Courses (1 hour)

Interested in seeing a well-designed, online Blackboard course? Join UIC professors Ed Garay, Chris Kanich, and Kate Tredway as they take you through their well-designed online Blackboard course. All three faculty have over 40 years of combined experience with teaching online. The session will consist of 30 minutes of presentation and 30 minutes of Q&A.

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Building Community in Your Online Course: Social Presence Defined (56 min)

Miriam Isola from the UIC College of Applied Health Sciences, Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences hosted a Q&A session on how to build community in online classes and how to help students better project themselves. Miriam is the director and a faculty member for UIC’s 100% online Master of Science in Health Informatics degree program and has been teaching online since 2006.

Echo360 Universal Capture Webinar: Create Video-Based Learning Activities for Your Courses (1 hour)

Universal Capture: Personal allows you to download Universal Capture from Echo360 onto your personal computer and generate recordings to share with your classes or groups. With this tool, you can record any combination of audio, video, and information on your computer screen and easily publish your recordings to Blackboard for review.

Engaging with Online Students to Facilitate Student Success: A Proactive Approach (1 hour)

Interested in learning ways to help students engage in your online class? Want to leverage student-to-student interaction to facilitate greater student success? Join Stephanie Shapiro-Berkson from the UIC School of Public Health for a 30-minute Q&A session. Stephanie is an instructor for UIC’s 100% Online Master of Public Health in Community Health Science degree program and has been teaching online since 2009.

Gradescope: Streamline & Standardize Assignment & Grading (58 min)

Gradescope helps you seamlessly administer and grade all of your assessments, whether online or in-class. Save time grading and get a clear picture of how your students are doing. Join Martina Bode, LAS professor and Director of Calculus; and Yeow Siow and Chris Kanich, College of Engineering professors as they share their experience using Gradescope.

Library Panel – Using Digital Resources from the University Library (47 min)

Library faculty demonstrate ways to identify and link to relevant course materials for online learning (both free and library subscriptions) and discuss how liaison librarians can support research assignment design and student success.

Summer 2020 Course Template

These two sessions are great for instructors new to online teaching and will help you better understand how to transition courses online.

  • Benefits and Pedagogical Considerations (50 min)
    This webinar was led by UIC Instructional Designer, Tom Okon, and reviewed the benefits and pedagogical considerations of using the Course Template to build your course for an online environment

  • Using the Tools and Customization Options (1 hour)
    This webinar was led by UIC Instructional Designer, Cheryl McKearin on how to use the tools and customize your course for online teaching.

Panopto Advanced Training Webinar: Video Captioning (58 min)

UIC Partner Panopto led this webinar on how to add captions to your Panopto videos. They show you how to import automatic speech recognition captions, set up our integrated caption services, edit captions, and more! The session will end t with live Q&A. Anyone at UIC is welcome to attend, but this webinar will have some content specifically for Panopto Administrators.

Preparing for Online Teaching: Tips for Converting your Syllabus (1 hour)

The Digital Humanities Initiative and Technology Solutions have teamed up to talk about best practices for moving your course online. After a short introduction to the suggested fall Blackboard template, Dr. Hannah Huber explained how she took her in-person syllabus and converted the class for online use followed by a live Q&A

Real Engagement: Tips on Effective Use of Discussion Boards (52 min)

Interested in learning ways to effectively use discussion boards in your online class? Want to increase genuine student engagement without feeling overwhelmed? Watch this webinar hosted by Alan Schwartz, the director and a faculty member for UIC’s 100% online Master of Health Professions Education degree program.

Using Blackboard Annotate to Effectively Grade Online Students (43 min)

Learn how to grade online student submissions using the new Blackboard feature Annotate. Watch Jamie Chriqui from the UIC School of Public Health’s Division of Health Policy and Administration for a 30-minute Q&A session. Jamie directs the division’s Master of Public Health program which includes a 100% Online Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Management degree program, has been teaching for over 20 years, and was a member of the inaugural class of UIC Teaching Scholars in 2016.

Using VoiceThread: Engage Students Asynchronously for Discussion, Projects and Presentations

Interested in learning how to use VoiceThread effectively in your online course? Join Dr. Kee Chan, UIC School of Public Health, as she walks you through how to use VoiceThread as a student engagement tool in Blackboard. Dr. Chan teaches online courses in public health, management and leadership in the Department of Health Policy and Administration and has 10 years of experience teaching in-person and 5 years of teaching online. Dr. Chan will highlight tools and tips on transitioning in-person courses to online courses. The webinar will consist of a short presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.

VoiceThread Introduction (51 min)

This webinar hosted by UIC’s Instructional Designers Cheryl Hitosis & Tom Okon provides an introduction to using VoiceThread in Blackboard.

VoiceThread: UIC Exclusive Training hosted by VoiceThread (1 hour)

This webinar was hosted by VoiceThread and provides hands-on training with VoiceThread, a tool used for student engagement and discussion.

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