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10/4 -10/7 – Liaison Manager and Qnet will be unavailable

As part of the IP Address Management Infrastructure Modernization project, Technology Solutions will be taking a key step to migrate our IP infrastructure to EfficientIP beginning Monday, October 3rd.  During this migration, UIC Liaison Manager ( will be unavailable for 72 hours. Read more below:

What is happening?
Technology Solutions will begin migrating our IP infrastructure to EfficientIP servers beginning Monday, October 3rd. These changes are happening behind the scenes and consists of new code and data mapping to ensure information is pulled successfully to, and from Liaison Manager to EfficientIP.

When is it happening?
Qnet will be shut down on Monday, October 3rd, at the end of the day. Liaison Manager will be unavailable between Tuesday, October 4th at 7:00AM CT, and Friday, October 7th, at 6:59AM CT.

What is changing?
There will be no change to the UIC Liaison Manager user interface or user experience. The URL will stay the same.

Please note that Qnet, the university’s current IP address management system, will be permanently shut down on October 3, 2022. On Oct. 10th, Efficient IP will replace QNet.

Why is it happening?
The Liaison Manager application controls which individuals within a given unit can access IP address management configurations for their unit. During the downtime, Technology Solutions will be testing and ensuring the Liaison Manager integration with the new EfficientIP IP address management system functions properly.

What do I need to do?
The Liaison Manager website will not be available during the maintenance period. Delegate Authorities should plan accordingly to add/remove liaison roles before or after the maintenance period.

Where can I get support or report a problem?
Issues and problems can be reported at or posted in the IPAM Channel in the IT@UIC Community Teams.

We apologize for any inconvenience this temporary outage may cause. The IPAM infrastructure modernization project supports UIC’s IT Strategy and the Operate with Excellence initiative by retiring legacy systems, and replacing them with modern solutions and technologies. Visit to learn more.