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Email Consolidation

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration at UIC

In an effort to optimize resources, enhance communication and collaboration, and improve support operations, Technology Solutions will be transitioning university email to Microsoft Exchange.

Currently, the university manages and supports two email services: UIC Gmail and Microsoft Exchange.  The effort required to support, manage, and secure two email services is an inefficient use of staff and financial resources and creates increased security risks.

Consolidating to a single email platform for UIC students, faculty, and staff will enhance communication and collaboration across UIC, increase operational efficiencies, preserve financial resources, and improve security.

Project Goal Heading link

The immediate goal of the project is to route new incoming students’ email to Exchange by default once they activate their UIC NetID. Current students on Gmail will remain on Gmail until they graduate, leave the university, their unit/college decide to transition to Exchange or the university decides to transition email to Exchange near the end of the project timeline.


  • Streamlined Communications
  • Improved Security
  • Financial Efficiencies
  • Enhances Operations


  • Inefficient use of staff and financial resources
  • Increased security risks

Timeline Heading link

The first phase of the email consolidation project is to route new students’ email exclusively to Exchange, and phase out the use of UIC Gmail over the next four years. The long-term goal of this project is that by Fall 2026, all university email for students, faculty and staff will be transitioned to Exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions Heading link

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