Software & Licensing

UIC licensing agreements often allow licensed software to be used both on-campus and on personal computers. Students have access to several software applications, cloud storage services and web conferencing tools.

I really like Virtual Computer Lab because it’s very simple and easy to access. This is a great service to have.

UIC Student

Software Access

  • Did you know UIC students are eligible for a FREE subscription to The New York Times using the Academic Pass?? Visit to learn more.
  • Download Microsoft Office 365, MATLAB, Wolfram, and more for FREE from the  Webstore.
  • Students can access specialized software such as SPSS, R, Matematica, Python, MATLAB Audacity, Stata, and more using the Virtual Computer Lab environment.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud software is available in the Virtual Computer Lab environment but requires an Adobe Enterprise ID. UIC students with an academic need to utilize this software can visit getting access to Adobe Creative Cloud as a student to learn more.