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Read recent news articles, blogs, and announcements featuring IT at UIC. Articles share best practices, important UIC IT news, service announcements and keeps you updated on the innovative and exciting IT services and projects we are working on.


UIC Innovates with GoTime Employee Time Off Reporting Tool

It’s now easier for some UIC employees to request and report time off thanks to the innovative efforts of UIC Technology Solution’s Software Development and Delivery (SDD) Team. A custom-built application, GoTime (…

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2021 UIC Cyber Security Awareness Campaign: True Stories

Each year in October, UIC Technology Solutions develops a unique campaign promoting cyber security. This year’s NCSAM campaign – True Stories – features real scam attempts at UIC and teaches students to stay…

LinkedIn Learning

How Instructors Can Use LinkedIn Learning for Teaching

LinkedIn Learning, previously known as, has over 15,000 online courses available to watch on-demand, with 30-60 new classes uploaded every week! LinkedIn Learning is available to UIC students and faculty, and is…

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Spot the Scam! Real job offer or scam?

I recently received an email with an amazing part-time job opportunity working three hours a week for $500, but after closer inspection, I realized it was a SCAM! The UIC Information Security team…

Zoom Pronouns Feature

Pronouns feature enabled in Zoom

Technology Solutions has enabled the Pronouns feature in UIC Zoom, allowing you to add pronouns to your user profile. When you add pronouns to your user profile, they will be visible to your Zoom contacts as part of your Zoom profile card in the Zoom

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Sign up for Duo 2-Factor Authentication

This past year, Technology Solutions has been working diligently to mitigate and prevent the significant increase in cyber attacks targeting the UIC Community by continually enhancing the online security of, and information available…

Safe Links

Safe Links Spam Protection Available in Microsoft Outlook & Gmail

Part of Microsoft's Defender platform, Safe Links helps better protect the UIC Community from malicious links sent via email. In addition to protection for Microsoft Office Online and desktop versions, Safe Links is now also available for UIC Gmail.


Online Learning Terms & Definitions

Every industry has its own terminology, but luckily it’s not rocket science to understand that of eLearning. Don’t let acronyms and IT jargon hinder your understanding of the tech services, tools and resources…